Ancient Gurukul inherited wisdom to greater extent though there was austerity of amenity. Wisdom does not consist in gathering information but consists in finding a clear access to the highest. In other words, Wisdom enshrouds the vision of ignorance. Knowledge is the highest security which destroys anguish, it destroys doubt, it destroys weakness; and makes it more productive. Our first duty is to God to practice holiness by gaining excellent knowledge. The one who lacks in resolution and tranquility, in vain does he seek knowledge. God provided Bliss of higher vision—Humility, Unostentatiousness, Non-injuring, Forgiveness, Simplicity, Purity, Steadfastness, Self-Control; this is declared to be wisdom. The Universal Concept of manager endeavors dynamic, excellent, who are passionate and innovative in crafting their own solutions to business problems. MBA equips you to be a good and competent Manager. Every Company needs a manager in order to manage resources, people, projects and funds. MBA is capable of transforming students and working professionals into Competent Managers who are responsible and capable enough to handle and sort out any problems which hamper or affect the working of their company.

Established in 2008, Department of MBA and Research Centre, affiliated to Karnataka University, Dharwad and approved by (AICTE) All India Council for Technical Education, is with an intensive vision which is envisioning to transform simple students into the best and brightest management leaders, professionals and innovators, who have an indelible impact in all walks of life. The Correlated shift along with Catastrophic events is to catalyse the professionalization of Indian Management.

Business of today is dynamic, complex and diverse in nature. To sustain success in this scenario, one needs to be highly competitive. In Chetan Business School, the MBA program is not only for learning the contents of books but more importantly about learning by experience and exposure. Chetan Business School has developed various value additions to the course content. These value additions are the contribution by the faculty members from their learning in industry and academia over the years. With these value additions, students can enlighten themselves with the practical outlook of the industry too.