Mr. Nagaraj Goudar

Director Plcement

Mobile : 9900825460

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Mrs. Spoorthi K

Placement Co - ordinator

Mobile : 7337879531

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This feature has been designed to help students to communicate effectively and succeed in both their personal and professional lives. It focuses on moulding the personality of the students by enhancing their communicative competence and interaction skills. It aims at helping the students to improve their listening, speaking, reading, writing skills and grammar, business correspondence, effective vocabulary, pronunciation, presentation skills, are the other components of this program. The activity based courseware facilitates the students to develop good interpersonal skills, team building skills, leadership qualities, creativity, negotiation skills and ability to manage time and stress crisis. Resume writing, mock interviews and group discussions are taken up in the final semester to instill confidence in the students and prepare them for their career and life ahead

CBS offers comprehensive and well structured placement activities throughout the MBA program. Consistent training in presentation skills, mock interviews and group discussions enable the students to get good placements. The school faculty and placement committee will leave no stone unturned to procure suitable placements for the students. CBS believes that the placement exercise is the joint effort of the students and the placement cell. While CBS provides guidance, support and networks with potential employers the students have to put maximum possible efforts to make themselves employable.

CBS considering the importance of this activity, it regularly invites guest lecturers from different industrial/commercial organizations CEOs/CFOs/COOs to address their students on current and crucial management issues.