Subject Code Subject Name
C01 Strategic Management
C02 Business Ethics
C03 Company and Business Law
COE Open Elective Course
C04 Business Process Reengineering and Benchmarking
C05 Business Process Outsourcing
C06 Introduction to E-Commerce
C07 Knowledge Management
C08 Project Management
C09 Sales Management
C10 Customer Relationship Management
C11 Marketing on Internet
C12 Brand Management
C13 Rural Marketing
C14 Retail Management
C15 Marketing on Rural Enterprises
C16 Rural Women Empowerment
Finance Courses
C17 Financial Decisions
C18 Mergers & Acquisitions
C19 International Financial Management
C20 Actuarial Statistics
C21 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
C22 Investment Decisions
HRD Courses
C23 Organizational Dev. & Inst. Building
C24 Strategic Management of Human Resource
C25 Group Dynamics
C26 Competency Mapping
C27 International Human Resource Mgmt